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Cargill NatureWax® C-6 Coconut & Soy Blend

Cargill NatureWax® C-6 Coconut & Soy Blend

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NatureWax C-6 is a natural blend of soy and coconut waxes. This wax blend has excellent glass adhesion and is resistant to frost.

  • Comes in soft slab form that is easy to cut
  • Candle Appearance: Creamy, opaque
  • Melt between 160-200F°; Do not exceed 200F or discoloration may occur.
  • Pour Temperature: 120°-165°
  • Fragrance Load: Up to 6%
  • Can be mixed with paraffin wax for making custom blends

For best results adjust pour temperature based on the ambient room temperature.

  • Room temperature 60-70F; Pour 170-180F
  • Room temperature 70-80F; Pour 160-170
  • Room temperature 80-90F; Pour 145-155F

Allow candles to cure for 12 hours before burning.


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